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Published: 22.11.2022

Thailand Policy Lab designs and develops ‘Mental Health Policy for Youth by Youth” through an inclusive policymaking process. We firstly listened to the Thai youth about the urgent and important problems facing them through a conventional survey with over 1,000 samples which we found out that Mental Health is one of the most urgent and important problems facing them recently. We later took a deep dive into their expressions and opinions about the mental health issue by using the social listening tool – scanning, collecting and analyzing more than 100,000 keywords expressed on social media platforms and over 10 million social media engagements (Like, Share and Comment) which the finding shows that Thai youth’s mental health is relevant to Thai Education System and Online Learning significantly.

We then brought both of deep and broad data and fed them into the hackathon process – the activity that brought Thai youth to design policy on 4 mental health areas (Protection, Prevention, Promotion, Future of Learning) altogether with the authorities. In a result, the hackathon led to 7 policy recommendations:


Mental health policy Recommendation in 4 areas by Thai youth









Future of Learning








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