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Published: 27.04.2023

Feeling stuck or facing a creative block is common when we are fixating on finding solutions, working on ideas or even finding directions in life. But what are the causes? Maybe it is not because we lack enough information but rather because our mind and brain are too preoccupied with that one perspective.

Reframing our problems by “Questioning” them can help get us out of the maze to see other alternatives. By exploring new solutions, challenging existing assumptions and reflecting on our current thoughts will help us make a better decision or come up with a better idea.

  • Challenge Our Assumptions: What are the preconceptions or assumptions that kept us locked up in this issue? What criterias are we using? Who and what are we doing [it] for? What are we afraid of? Try to think of ideas that challenge or even contradict our previous assumptions.
  • Ask Our Future Self: Imagine your future self has already found a solution or broken the limitations: what would that solution be or look like, describe it. How do you feel? What feelings are gone and what feelings surface? What are the signs that your situation has changed? Compare it to your current approach– what should you get rid of? What should you find? What would be easier to let go because it is probably impractical to change?
  • Find Conceptual Connections: Finding connections between the things that occupy and disturb your peace of mind and familiar situations or previous experiences. Are there any solutions that could be applied or adapted to your situation? What do we know for sure and what do we not know?
  • Ask For Practical Ways: If we were to explain our situation/issue/problem in three words, what would they be? Who might be able to give an answer, advice or a different point of view? What might be the easiest step to start with?

One thing to keep in mind is that trying to get ourselves unstuck by the same old method may not be the ‘best’ and the most ‘efficient’ way. Some things may take time. Sometimes we might overlook what matters most or some solution may be right under our noses. However, by questioning them we get to pause and take a step back from them, paving ways to see fresh perspectives and getting to know more about ourselves. The more we break through walls of our thoughts, the broader and the more flexible our minds become. With that state of mind, we will be more well-equipped to think through and solve our problems.

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