UNDP and Thailand Policy Lab Uses Clubhouse Platform to Bring Policymaking Closer to the People

Event Details
  • LOCATION: Clubhouse
  • DATE: Friday, 3/09/2021 - Friday, 1/10/2021
  • TIME: All Day.
  • Status: Close

NESDC) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), together with Thailand Future Foundation, invited stakeholders from every sector, private and public, to discuss lessons learned from the Covid-19 crisis, exchange ideas and find solutions on Clubhouse platform – first time for UNDP Country Office in Asia-Pacific Region to have an official Clubhouse.

Bring Policy Stakeholders to One Platform

Over 500 people, ranging from the government officials, policy planners, business people, academics, NGOs, media to the general public, participated in the 5 Clubhouse Policy Talks on 5 policy areas: New Tourism, Local Economy, Upskilling and Reskilling, Crisis Management and Migrant Labour in September – October 2021 to get insights from 15 experts and practitioners as well as to exchange ideas of policy recommendations directly to the experts and Thai government’s policy planners.

UNDP Thailand and Thailand Policy Lab utilized the uniqueness and strength of the Clubhouse platform where everyone, regardless of who they are, can raise questions and voice opinions in a nonhierarchical format, as Thailand Policy Lab aims to let everyone co-design the society in which we live.

Throughout the 5 talks, Thailand Policy Lab brought the policy planners of NESDC to gain insight directly from stakeholders to design policies for Covid-19 recovery.

Sustainable Solutions in Post-Covid-19 Era

Covid-19 crisis brings the challenge in designing responsive and sustainable policies in various areas: from social, economic to environmental issues. This pandemic sends everyone a strong message that policymaking processes need to be inclusive and human-centric. This Clubhouse series discussed the new model of tourism which Thailand needs to focus on technology and capacity building of tourism workforce, the new model of local economy which Thai farmers across the country need to be trained as an entrepreneur to remain competitive in the global market, the new skillsets for the future which critical thinking, communication and emotional intelligence are important than ever before, the new model of crisis management which leaders need to communicate sincerely and be collaborative, last but not least, the new policies on migrant labours which Thai government needs to implement inclusive measures for migrant labours including welfare and regulations.

Clubhouse platform is used further by UNDP Thailand to gain insights, generate and exchange ideas on various topics, ranging from Climate Action, Food Security, Youth to Gender Equality. Please follow us on @undpthailand and @thailandpolicylab on Clubhouse to reimagine policymaking and solutions for a sustainable future.

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